I had the pleasure of sharing the use of Zentangle as a mindfulness practice with four students yesterday. We met at a lovely space at the Holistic Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit in Chassell.

After exploring the origins of Zentangle,  the benefits of mindfulness, and how the two can work together, we did a short exercise to help ground and focus our thoughts. Here is a link to the Three Minute Breathing Space practice similar to the one we did.

These are the two Zentangle tiles that the students completed.


Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Antidot, Hollibaugh, Shattuck


Tangles used: Bunzo, Taugh, Bales

The students were very focused during the class and it certainly shows in the beauty of these tiles!

Thanks to the students for joining me and to the Holistic Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit for hosting the class and providing us with delicious snacks. Please visit the Center’s Facebook page for more information about other classes offered there.

I hope to be teaching there again soon!