What is Zentangle?

Developed by Maria Thomas, gifted calligrapher and water colorist and Rick Roberts, former monk and man of many skills, Zentangles are a special art form.  Made up of simple strokes, each pattern can be reproduced by anyone – even those who doubt their artistic talent.

With instruction, patterns are learned and combined to make beautiful compositions

Fun for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

 Anyone can create a Zentangle. Even if you have never drawn a line, you can pick up the pen and make a beautiful piece the very first time.

People who are sure they are not “creative, artistic, or talented” are always delighted and surprised to see what they can create.

Anytime you have a few minutes you can create a small piece of art or enter a state of quiet and focus.

Making a Zentangle is an abstract, yet intentional, process. However, no expectations get in the way of being in the moment with your pen and tile. The finished results are always pleasing.

Anywhere you can find a surface to work on a 3.5 inch paper tile you can start, and likely finish, a Zentangle.

The portability of the materials offers a wonderful way to utilize time spent waiting for appointments or transportation, or embellishing a journal page. It is also a perfect way to transition into the “zone” of focus or flow, or both.

Thanks to Joyce Moore Jaime and Nancy Lubin, CZTs, who wrote most of this material.

My First Zentangle Tile


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