Intro to Zentangle at Miners Cafe

Yesterday five students joined me at the Miners Cafe in Laurium for an introduction to Zentangle Class. I am always happy to share this wonderful method for creating “mini masterpieces” while relaxing and being in the moment.


This is our first tile, with Crescent Moon, Taugh, Florz, and Swarm. I love to see all the variations and personal style each student brought to the tangles.


For our second tile, we played with Rumpus. Again each tile is beautifully different. Click Here for video from Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas with step-by-step directions for the Rumpus tangle.

Thanks to the students who joined me and I hope they continue to enjoy their practice of Zentangle.

Also thanks to Pam and Miners Cafe for hosting my classes.


Zenbuttons Class

On April 27, 2018, I met with 12 students at the Miners Cafe in Laurium to bring them through the fun process of creating a Zenbutton. This technique was originated by CZT Marguerite Samama, using Reticula and Fragments as described by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in their book, Zentangle® Primer Vol. 1.

Making a Zenbutton is an easy process, and it almost feels like magic when the 3-D effect is created in the final steps.

See below how nicely the students’ buttons turned out!


Thanks to Pam at the Miners Cafe for hosting this fun class.

Below is a blue Zenbutton I made on gray paper. Making these can be addicting!


Thanks for reading and happy tangling!

Catching up with Classes: 3/10/18 Intro Class in my home

There were a few students who wanted to take the Zentangle Introductory Class, but would be unable to attend the one I had scheduled for March 17th at the Miners Cafe. Two of them were available on March 10th, so I invited them to my home for a class.

We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of learning, chatting, and tangling. Below are their tiles (the first one also includes mine):



Lovely work was done by both students and I was happy to be able to share my love of Zentangle with them.

Catching up with classes: 2/24/18 Demos at Crafting for a Cause

On Saturday, February 24th, 2018, I participated in the Crafting for a Cause event at the Siskiwit Hall in Calumet. This event was a fund-raiser for the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter Home, a shelter that offers a safe place for victims of domestic violence and their children. Several other vendors showed their wares which included crafting supplies, stained glass, and cooking/baking equipment. A rummage sale table was full of crafting supplies available for whatever amount the buyer wanted to donate. There were also opportunities for card making, arm knitting, and Zentangle.

I offered three 45-minute Zentangle demos throughout the day. The larger (Apprentice-size) tiles created by the participants are below:




I was happy to share a “taste” of Zentangle with these students and hope to see them in future Introduction to Zentangle classes. This experience reminded me how much I enjoy sharing Zentangle!

I hope to participate in this event next year to help support an important service to our communities.

Catching up with classes: 2/23/18 Introduction to Zentangle Home Class

I had the privilege again to teach a class at a friend’s home (see post of 7/16/17 for my first class here). Six enthusiastic students participated in a fun experience that included delicious food, pleasant conversation,  and a warm, inviting environment.

Below are pictures of the two lovely tiles created by the students:

This first tile shows the tangles of Crescent Moon, Holibaugh, Puf, and Onamato.




The second tile uses the tangles of Zander, Jetties, Keeko, and Cubine.


Thanks to my friend for inviting me into her home and allowing me to share Zentangle with more of her friends! Hope to return there soon. 🙂


Catching up with classes: 2/3/18 – Tints on Tan Snowflakes

After taking a break over the holiday months, I resumed teaching Zentangle classes at the Miners Cafe in Laurium. For my first class for the new year, I again taught a “Tints on Tan” class, a method developed by Marty Deckel, CZT in collaboration with Jenny Perruzzi, CZT. This technique uses layers of colored pencil tints to create a lovely nuanced tinted and tangled masterpiece.

See below for the beautiful creations of the artists below:


If you look closely, you can see the bits of sparkle that was added to create even drama to the snowflakes.

Thanks to the students for a fun class and to Miners Cafe for the venue.

Introduction to Zentangle Class at Miners Cafe

On March 17, 2018, I enjoyed teaching 15 students/artists in an introductory Zentangle Class. The energy in the room was great, and, as you can see from the pictures below, each person brought their own style and interpretation to the tangles. I love it!



The Miners Cafe in Laurium was again our wonderful venue for this class and I want to thank our host Pam, for her generosity and encouragement of arts in the Copper Country. Visit the Cafe’s Facebook page to see all of the interesting classes that are offered there.

Catching up with classes: 10/28/17 Tints on Tan – Leaves

On October 28, 2017, I taught a “Tints on Tan” Class at the Miners Cafe in Laurium. Tints on Tan is a technique developed by Marty Deckel, CZT with help from Jenny Peruzzi, CZT. Kits are available for purchase at Jenny’s Etsy site – AcadiaLaserCreations.

I had a wonderful time sharing this method that creates lovely tinted and tangled leaves. See their wonderful creations below:


Thanks to Pam at the Miners Cafe for hosting!

Diva Challenge #335

It’s been a while since I’ve completed a Diva Challenge Tile. If you haven’t done so, check out the weekly Zentangle challenge at her site. It’s a lot of fun and can introduce you to tangles that you haven’t tried before. This was the case for me today, as I had never drawn the tangle TINT before, which I enjoyed. It’s a simple tangle, however, I can see the possibilities of many variations. I used this tangle today as the only one in my tile and I did enjoy playing with it. Thanks to the Diva for the challenge and to Henrike Bratz for the tangle TINT!


Thanks for visiting. If you are interested in local Zentangle classes, feel free to email me.

Introduction to Zentangle Home Class

On July 11, I had the pleasure of giving a Zentangle class in the home of a friend. She invited friends from her book club as well as family, resulting in a wonderful group of 11 women. Before beginning the class, we all enjoyed the delicious food and drinks provided by the hostess.

It didn’t take long for the students to find their “zen” and start enjoying the tangling. You can see the lovely results below.


Tile One tangles used: Cresent Moon, Flux, Bales, Msst.


Tile Two: Tangles used: Printemps, Cadent, Flukes, Shattuck.

I think all the students loved looking at each others’ tiles in the mosaic and commented on how different they were, despite using the same tangles.

Thanks to my friend for introducing me to such an enthusiastic group of women. I hope I have the opportunity to teach each one of them again.