Fun with Color Zentangle Class

On February 21st, 2015 I shared some Zentangle Color play with four ladies at Your Crazy Place in Houghton. Having no formal art education, I felt a little nervous venturing into the world of color. So, in preparation for this class, I reviewed some basic color theory on the internet. I shared this information with the class and we talked about the color wheel, complementary colors, and some ideas for choosing colors. I recommended this website (design seeds) for color combination ideas.

We used the official Zentangle tiles for all of our color play. We made watercolor backgrounds using an inexpensive set of watercolors. We taped the tiles down to prevent curling and set them aside to dry. Then we tangled on them using a Sakura Pigma 05 pen, which has a harder nip and doesn’t clog as easily as the regular micron pens we typically use for tangling.

2015-02-21 13.10.55

I love the colors they chose!

We also played with watercolor pencils. With this technique, first you tangle on a tile, then you color with the pencils, and then use a water brush to blend the colors.

2015-02-21 12.56.37

There is also a watercolor background tile in this picture.

Some of the tangles used : Gneiss, Huggins, Vitruvius.

I appreciate the openness and sense of play that the students brought to the class. I think we all learned something.

Introductory Class at Your Crazy Place, January 17, 2015

Four students joined me for an introduction, or for some, a re-introduction to the Zentangle process of making art. We had a wonderful time playing with tangles and relaxing at the very comfortable studio space of Your Crazy Place in downtown Houghton.

Below are their tile mosaics:

Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Rain, Ennies, Quipple

Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Rain, Ennies, Quipple

Hibred, Flukes, Twing, Zander

Hibred, Flukes, Twing, Zander

Thanks for joining me for the class, ladies. Hope you all continue to enjoy your Zentangle journey.

I am the Diva Challenge #200!

Congratulations to Laura of “I am the Diva” for her 200th weekly Zentangle challenge. She is having a “Bi-Zen-Tennial” Celebration with a giveaway, so head over to her blog to check it out!

Her challenge is to use your “mac and cheese,” “comfort,” or “go-to” tangle, covering the whole tile, and add the number “200” somewhere.

My favorite tangle is Bales. I love the rhythm of drawing it and the pretty little flowers.

2015-01-17 17.00.41

Covered in Bales

I feel very “Zen-ful” after this tile. 🙂

Thanks for visiting.

Brunch with Bijou at Your Crazy Place


This past Saturday (10/18/14) I taught my first Bijou Zentangle class. Bijou is Zentangle’s fanciful little snail friend from France who brings to us his mini 2″ by 2″ sized tiles on which to tangle. Find more information about Bijou here.

Five wonderful students and I enjoyed a relaxing brunch at Your Crazy Place complete with coffee, OJ with optional champagne, coffee cake, mini quiche muffins, fruit, and a yummy apple cake brought by one of the students.

We really had a lovely time  playing with these cute little tiles. We first started with a mono-tangle using our old favorite, Crescent Moon.

2014-10-18 11.18.02


I love how everyone’s variation is a bit different. As one of the students who was new to Zentangle said after seeing these tiles, “So much beauty in so little time.”

Next we experimented with three tangles that have a similar starting point. Dyon, Fracas, and Drupe all begin the same, but then move in somewhat different directions. Here are some of what the ladies did with Fracas:

2014-10-18 12.05.48


Lastly, we completed a more traditional tile beginning with a border and string and using three different tangles.

2014-10-18 12.58.46


Tangles used: Knase, Keeko, and Bales.

I had a great time sharing Bijou with these enthusiastic students. Thanks for making it such an enjoyable class. And, as always, thanks to Your Crazy Place for providing delicious refreshments and a cozy atmosphere for the class.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Zentangle Renaissance Tile Class at Your Crazy Place

Saturday, September 27 I taught another class at Your Crazy Place. We explored beautiful tan Zentangle tiles, using regular black Micron pens, but also a luscious brown colored pen and white Gelly Roll pen. We also played with shading with a regular pencil and with a white charcoal pencil.

Two junior high school young ladies were part of the class, and it was wonderful to see their creative interpretations. We all enjoyed the discovery of playing with multiple color pens using the Zentangle method.

Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Well, Tripoli, Indy-rella

Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Well, Tripoli, Indy-rella

Tangles used: Rixty, Tipple, Puf, Pepper

Tangles used: Rixty, Tipple, Puf, Pepper

The girls left early to go horseback riding (lucky girls!) so they did not fully finish their second tile.

Thanks for joining me in the fun today, ladies!

Manistique Black Tile Class

On Saturday, 9/13/14, I shared the fun of putting white ink on black tiles, using the Zentangle Method, with 5 wonderful students. I believe we all enjoyed the process, which resulted in some lovely tiles.

2014-09-13 14.21.08

Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Flux, Keeko, Cadent

2014-09-13 15.29.04

Here we used Twing, Jetties, Rick’s Paradox, and ‘Nzeppel.

Thanks to Lake Effects Art Center for inviting me to teach again. I always enjoy my visit to lovely Manistique!

Organics Intro Class at Your Crazy Place

Thanks to the lovely ladies who shared part of their Saturday with me to play with organic tangles. There was a mixture of students new to Zentangle, along with a few who had taken previous classes with me. They were all very adventurous and followed me down the “garden path” to try out some different more “unstructured” tangles. I love the result!


On this first tile, we used Crescent Moon, Cyme, Nipa, and Quabog.


Tile number two: Pokeleaf, Mooka variation, and Bronx Cheer.


Thanks for the great tangling class today, Ladies, and hope you join me again sometime.

When you are in downtown Houghton, Michigan, be sure to drop by Your Crazy Place, an enchanting gift shop and supporter of all things creative!


Black Tile Class at Your Crazy Place

This last Saturday, four students and I explored “the dark side:” the dark side of Zentangle using black tiles and white pens. This technique requires a slightly different approach than the regular black ink on white tiles, but these students were definitely up to the challenge!

2014-07-12 11.28.50

On the first tile we played with the tangles of Verdigogh, Purk and Florz.

2014-07-12 12.51.16

Then we had fun with Betweed, Avreal, Snail and Zinger. And we tried N’Zepple on a separate tile.


We all had a great time and enjoyed our journey. Thanks for joining me, Ladies!

I am the Diva Weekly Challenge #172 Duotangle – Auraknot vs Mooka

It has been a while since I have posted a tile from the Diva’s Weekly Challenge. I enjoy doing the challenges, but don’t always post the outcomes. I could say that I will do better and post more, but I don’t want to lie! At any rate, the challenges are fun and helpful for generating new ideas and using tangles that I might not normally use. So this week’s challenge is to use two tangles: Auraknot and Mooka.

2014-06-16 20.22.35Both of these tangles are “official” Zentangle tangles (developed by Rick and/or Marie). Neither one of them are really my favorites, so this challenge pushed me a bit. I can’t remember the last time I did Auraknot, but I will sometimes use a few “strands” of Mooka to add a bit of a flourish. I was able to get into a zen space in making this tile, so I was happy with the process and satisfied with the outcome.

Thanks for stopping by.


Diva’s Challenge #166: Use My Tangle Diva Style

I haven’t participated in an “I am the Diva” Zentangle challenge in quite a while. I’m having a nice relaxing day at home playing with various art projects and on-line activities and the Diva’s Challenge fits right in. If you have never checked out her blog, please do, and join in the fun.

2014-05-10 16.58.14Tangles used: Diva’s new un-named tangle (in the middle), Maisie (lower left), “tangelations” or “tangos” of Hibred/Rick’s Paradox (on the right) and Crescent Moon/Jonqal (on the upper left).

Hope you have a great weekend!