On July 11, I had the pleasure of giving a Zentangle class in the home of a friend. She invited friends from her book club as well as family, resulting in a wonderful group of 11 women. Before beginning the class, we all enjoyed the delicious food and drinks provided by the hostess.

It didn’t take long for the students to find their “zen” and start enjoying the tangling. You can see the lovely results below.


Tile One tangles used: Cresent Moon, Flux, Bales, Msst.


Tile Two: Tangles used: Printemps, Cadent, Flukes, Shattuck.

I think all the students loved looking at each others’ tiles in the mosaic and commented on how different they were, despite using the same tangles.

Thanks to my friend for introducing me to such an enthusiastic group of women. I hope I have the opportunity to teach each one of them again.