In June, 4 students and I explored a little more advanced Zentangle experience: Renaissance Tiles. On these tan tiles, black, white and brown ink is used, along with white charcoal highlighting and graphite pencil shading. It’s somewhat more complicated than the traditional black ink/white tile or white ink/black tile combinations. There are many more choices to make about what ink color to use. However, it’s hard to go wrong (and as you know, with Zentangle there are no mistakes) and the combination of these colors are beautiful.

See below for the first tiles the students and I completed.

IMG_20170613_194700505 (1)

Tangles used: Zander, Flux, Shattuck, Tripoli, Noom.

We then challenged ourselves even further by doing a tile with just one tangle, but this tangle required a little bit more focus: Huggins. As you can see below, this tangle has a woven look.


We made the Huggins tangle large, to allow for more tangles to be added inside.

Thanks to the students for a wonderful class exploring the many options of Renaissance Tiles!