We had our first class at a new location, The Miner’s Cafe in Laurium. The venue worked well, very spacious and bright. Our hostess, Pam (co-owner of the Cafe) also joined us for the class and provided snack and beverages at break time (Thanks, Pam!)

The students did a great job and enjoyed getting into the relaxed flow of Zentangle. Below are the mosaics of their lovely tiles:


Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Snail, Warble, Betweed


Tangles used: Printemps, Beelight, ‘Nzepple, Keeko

Thanks to the ladies for joining me, I really enjoyed sharing my love for Zentangle with you all.

The next class at The Miner’s Cafe is scheduled for Monday, May 22 at 6 pm. We will explore Zentangle with black tiles and white ink. To register, call Pam at 337-2274.

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