I had the pleasure of sharing the process of creating Zendalas with four creative and enthusiastic students at Your Crazy Place shop in Houghton. A Zendala is the combination of a mandala with Zentangle.

For the first Zendala we completed, we drew our own outline string on a blank Zendala tile using common household items (e.g. bottle caps and jar lids) to trace the circles. I love how they are each unique and each beautiful.2015-04-25 12.16.05

For the next Zendala, we used one with the guiding string already on the circular tile. These pre-strung Zendala tiles, made by Zentangle, are available with several different patterns of strings. These tiles are fun to use, as the string-making step is already done and you can jump right into the tangling.

Below is the picture of the start that the students made using the pre-strung tiles.

2015-04-25 12.59.53

They have a great beginning to these lovely Zendalas.

Thanks to the students for an enjoyable and pleasant teaching experience.