This past Saturday (10/18/14) I taught my first Bijou Zentangle class. Bijou is Zentangle’s fanciful little snail friend from France who brings to us his mini 2″ by 2″ sized tiles on which to tangle. Find more information about Bijou here.

Five wonderful students and I enjoyed a relaxing brunch at Your Crazy Place complete with coffee, OJ with optional champagne, coffee cake, mini quiche muffins, fruit, and a yummy apple cake brought by one of the students.

We really had a lovely time  playing with these cute little tiles. We first started with a mono-tangle using our old favorite, Crescent Moon.

2014-10-18 11.18.02


I love how everyone’s variation is a bit different. As one of the students who was new to Zentangle said after seeing these tiles, “So much beauty in so little time.”

Next we experimented with three tangles that have a similar starting point. Dyon, Fracas, and Drupe all begin the same, but then move in somewhat different directions. Here are some of what the ladies did with Fracas:

2014-10-18 12.05.48


Lastly, we completed a more traditional tile beginning with a border and string and using three different tangles.

2014-10-18 12.58.46


Tangles used: Knase, Keeko, and Bales.

I had a great time sharing Bijou with these enthusiastic students. Thanks for making it such an enjoyable class. And, as always, thanks to Your Crazy Place for providing delicious refreshments and a cozy atmosphere for the class.

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