My sister (A Tangled Place) and I attended a wonderful four days at the Midwest Art and Lettering Retreat in Northfield, Minnesota. The retreat was held on the campus of Carleton College a lovely, historic and bucolic setting perfect for creative inspiration. We participated in the class of Sandy Steen Bartholomew, the author of Totally Tangled and Yoga for Your Brain, two of my very favorite books about Zentangle! We were so excited to be in this class, and Sandy’s teaching did not disappoint. We learned about shading, combining tangles (more about that later), using tangles on metal, making our own tangled stamps, transfers, tangling on fabric, Zendalas, and probably more that I’m not remembering right now. Sandy is a great teacher, very down-to-earth, enthusiastic, and with a great sense of humor. I was very happy and grateful to have the opportunity to take a class from her. My head is just full of ideas and plans for new things to try out and to teach in my classes!

ImageCathy, Sandy, and me

One of the topics that Sandy covered was the idea of combining tangles (which she also addresses in her Yoga for Your Brain book). So Cathy sent me an email yesterday saying that she had been playing with this idea and challenging me (in a very gentle way, of course) to do that. I was on a camping trip, so I had some time to fool around with idea, with mixed success. Some of the mixtures were clear flops, but I did come up with one that I liked, and that’s the one I’ll share. 😉


I chose two of my favorite tangles, Golven and Onamato, and found that they worked in combination quite nicely. I’d love to see what other combinations you might come up with. Please share links to pictures in the comments below.

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