We had an introductory Zentangle class on Saturday, May 5 at the Jutila Center in Hancock. 12 lovely women attended and here are the awesome tiles they made:

On this tile we used Snail, Keeko, Crescent Moon, and Florz.

Here we have Floo, Nipa, Onamato, and Flukes.

This was a wonderful class. All the ladies (Chris, Mary, Nancy, Marcia, Karin, Dorothy, April, Karen, Joanie, Deb, Tricia, and Jane) relaxed and allowed the creative process of Zentangle to unfold. I love watching the focus of the students when this happens, and enjoy the calm, quiet atmosphere of the room.

Thank you all, ladies, for another wonderful Zentangle experience. I wish you  many relaxing, creative hours of tangling in the future.