At CZT Erin’s blog, The Bright Owl, she has started to post Zendala challenges. A Zendala is a combination of mandala and Zentangle. I will have to admit, I have had a fear of trying a Zendala. I have my kit of round, pre-strung and blank tiles, but every time I take one out, my mind closes up.

So when I saw Erin’s Zendala Dare challenge, I felt that this was a message to get over my terror apprehension and get on with it!

I decided to compromise and use a (familiar and comfortable-to-me) square Zentangle tile, and I used the graphite pencil transfer method to draw Erin’s Zendala string. Then I looked at her wonderful examples and and lovely Zendalas posted by others, and launched into tangling on the tile.

I found it to be quite fun (although I felt a little stumped at what tangle to use next, but that is nothing new) and I am pleased with the results.

Thanks, Erin, for the impetus to move me into Zendala land!