I’m working on catching up with the wonderful Carole Ohl’s tangle-a-day calendar and I posted on the Facebook group my tangle for January 7 – 9th. Carole then re-posted the picture on her blog, saying that it inspired her. (Thanks, Carole!) Although the tangle used the same pattern as can be used in (the official Zentangles) Tripoli and also looks like Fife, I started the tangle somewhat differently. I’ll share that rather simple difference here.

Did you know that there are five different types of triangles? (It’s been many years since my Geometry class in high school!) You can see the different ones here. You don’t really have to know this to do the tangle, I just found it interesting.

So the tangle isn’t all that different, it’s mainly just a different way to do a starting “grid.” You start with one triangle, of any shape or size, and then just build other triangles off of the sides of the first triangle, and continue the process until the area is filled. You can vary the shape and size of the triangles as you wish. This process has a nice, repetitive, feel to it (as it should, being Zentangle).

From here, you can add any pattern you like. It’s fun to play with the different triangle filler patterns to see what becomes of them as you move along. Here is another page from the calendar, showing three possibilities:

Have fun with the different patterns. I don’t really think that this is a new tangle, but if it were, I would name it “Tri-umf” because I came up with it while watching a Green Bay Packer’s football game (they had a great season, and a not-so-great post-season).

I look forward to see what other tanglers do with this idea.