I found a template for making a 3D star out of cardstock and thought this would be a wonderful item to tangle upon. Then I thought I could make two of them and glue/stick them together to make it a full 3D star.


The tangling part was easy. I used the star segments in the template for the string. You could also use the unmarked side of the template and draw your own string.



When I cut out one of the stars, I left little gluing tabs on each side of the star segment. Then the fussy part, trying to attach one star to the other. I used double sided tape on the tabs, but just like the icosahedron it was difficult to get them to attach. In addition, the star sides didn’t line up “perfectly.”

If you didn’t want to fuss with the two sided star, a one sided 3D star would still make a pretty decoration for a gift or have plenty of other uses.

Have fun!

Here is the link to the 3D star template.