Congratulations to the “I am the diva” who is celebrating 200,000 site visits and is having a giveaway (go over and enter it, if you haven’t already!). Here is my response to her question:

Since you posted the giveaway and the question about how Zentangle has enhanced my life, the quote “How do I love thee, let me count the ways” has been in my head.
I have loved Zentangle since I was first introduced to it this Spring. My sister showed me the website, I asked for the kit for my birthday, and after it arrived, I was hooked. I have always had a desire to draw, but never have had any training. When I would try, using books or lessons on the internet, my results were always unsatisfactory. I felt discouraged and just resigned myself to the idea that I had no artistic talent.
The Zentangle process helped give me the structure, gentle, nonjudgmental guidance and beautiful tools and materials to allow my creativity to be revealed. I can now say I do have artistic talent and I can draw.
I am so pleased and enthusiastic about the Zentangle process, that both my sister and I attended the CZT training this past Fall. I am looking forward to teaching my first class and sharing this experience with others.
Thanks, Laura, for your wonderful, inspiring site. Congratulations on your milestone and thanks for having a very generous giveaway. And thanks mostly to Maria and Rick for bringing Zentangle to the world.