For this week’s “I am the diva” Zentangle challenge, Enthusiastic Artist  Margaret Bremner gave us the task of making a tile within a tile, that is, putting a smaller “tile” area within the larger tile. I have to say, this was the most difficult challenge for me yet. I was trying to make the smaller tile separate from the larger outer area using a change of pattern, or making the pattern darker, and it just didn’t work. I completed two other tiles earlier this week, before deciding to simplify and go with an outline of the inner tile area.

The tiles I used were: Dust Bunny, Floo, Chartz, a variation of Crescent Moon, and a “new” tangle (I haven’t seen it before, but it could be already out there) that I am naming Fayette. I got the pattern from an old door I saw yesterday at Fayette State Park in Michigan. See picture below.

Fayette Door Thanks for the challenge, Margaret, these always help me to stretch myself.