This week’s Diva Zentangle Challenge, by Carole Ohl, is to use 4 tangles: Pais (by Mikee Huber), Zedbra (by Laura Harms and Margaret Bremner), Keenees (by Donna Hornsby), and Baton (by Carole Ohl), in any string you choose. She asks that we then send the tile to her and she will use it in a Zentangle “art is for everyone” show.
Are we ever totally satisfied with the art we do? Can we ever silence the inner critic?
I may send this one to Carole, or I may do another one… we’ll see.

I am very, very excited to be attending the CZT training in Providence in October with my sister. We were on the waiting list and learned last week that we are in! Wahoo!!